Our Vision : “Personality development for Nation building”

Our Mission :

To enable : Young minds to discover and develop their potential in an environment conducive to learning.

To create : Technically competent young individuals with practical skills.

To develop: Socially conscious and morally upright global citizens for a new India.

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An E-Waste Management Club formed in the year 2015 with the social message “Save Environment from E-Waste” and “Let’s dare to save our world…” The main aim of this club is to make awareness about E-Waste Management by reducing the use of harmful electronic materials, Recycling E-Waste, and Reuse it in a better way. Students and Teachers contributed their e-waste materials which students reuse and make working models. With use of electrical and electronic equipment’s in our daily operations, disposal of obsolete equipment’s is increasingly posing a threat to our environment. There is therefore a need to handle such disposals - referred to as E-Waste - in a responsible manner in line with emerging global best practices and standards.

Students of E-Waste Management Team actively perform in such activities where they always make working models through E-Waste materials. This year E-Waste Management Drive started with new Event called E-waste Exhibition where students made various projects using E-waste materials including Projector, Air Purifier, Table Lamp, Robot Car, Laptop Cooler, Auto rickshaw, Photo frame, Wind Blow, Decorative using CDs etc..

E- Environmentation has been sponsored Best Computer Solutions Pvt. Ltd, an E-Waste recycling company. E-Waste Management has inaugurated its first Eco-Bin during the year 2018 for the collection of E-Waste. Students of E-Waste Management Club create awareness during the festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi by keeping the theme for the respective area as E-Waste Management.

Teacher In-Charge

  • Ms. Sujata Rizal