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Research Guide


1. Research Methods for Management by Shajahan,  S.
2. Research Methods by Mcburney, Donald
3. Business Research Methods by Cooper, Donald R
4. Methodology of Research in Social Sciences by Ranganathan,  M
5. Research Methods for Business by Sekaran, Uma
6. Research Methodology Methods and Techniques by Kothari,  C R./
7. Methodology of Research in Social Sciences by Krishnaswami
8. Business Research Methods by Cooper Donald R
9. Research Methodology with Live Case Studies & Excel Applications on CD by Sarangi, Prasant
10. Research Methodology by Paliwal, Vagesh
11. Research Design & Methods by Bordens, Kenneth
12. Research in Commerce by Kumar, Rajesh
13. A Handbook of Research Process by Raman,  Anatanarayanan
14. Research Project by Riley, Pippa
15. Research Methodology by Bhattacharyya, Dipak Kumar
16. Research Methodology in Management by Chiranjeev Avinash
17. Business Research Methods :  A South Asian perspective by Zikmund, William  G
18. Academic Writing  : A guide for management students and researchers by Monipally, Mathukutty M ./
19. Qualitative Research Issues of Theory Method and Practice by David, Silverman
20. Statistics for Research with a Guide to SPSS by George, Argyrous
21. Human Resource Research Methods by Bhattacharyya, Dipak Kumar
22. Research Methodology by Nayak, Nitin
23. Educational Research by Raina, M K
24. Research & Writing : Across the disciplines by Ramadass, P
25. Commerce & Management : A researcher`s  perspective by Insan, Pinki
26. Research Methods for Business & Social Science Students by Adams, John
27. Research Methods In Business, SYBMS By Shah Dhruv
28. Research Methodology by MadanPankaj
29. Research Methods in Business by Ahmed Kale
30. Marketing Research by Naresh Malhotra
31. Marketing Research, TYBCom by Ahmed Kale
32. Mass Media Research, SYBMM by Kishwar Panna
33. Mass Media Research  by Wimmer Roger
34. Marketing Research by Suja Nair
35. Research Methodology In Commerce, MCom, Part-2, Sem 3 & 4 by Michael Vaz
36. Advertising & Marketing Research, TYBMM by Subhashini Naikar
37. Reinventing Issues In Business Management & Research by Rajan, Ajay
38. Research Methodology : Concepts And Cases by Chawla, Deepak
39. Business Research Methods by Cooper, Donald
40. Marketing Research : An Applied Orientation by Malhotra, Naresh
41. Business Research Methods  by Nakkiran, S
42. Research Methodology In Economics : Organizing And Planning  by Singh, Tejmani
43. Research Methodology In Strategy And Management by Agrawal, Rahul
44. Research Methodology In E-Commerce by Dubey, Swati
45. Research Methodology  by Sharma, P. K
46. Fundamentals Of Research Methodology & Statistical Tools by Premlata
47. Research Methodology In Agricultural Economics by Sharma, Hanjabam
48. Reinventing Issues In Business Management & Research Rajan, Ajay
49.  Research Methodology : Concepts And Cases Chawla, Deepak
50.  Business Research Methods Cooper, Donald
51.  Marketing Research : An Applied Orientation  Malhotra, Naresh
52.  Business Research Methods  Nakkiran, S
53.  Research Methodology in Economics : Organizing And Planning  Singh, Tejmani
54.  Research Methodology in Strategy And Management  Agrawal, Rahul
55.  Research Methodology in E-Commerce  Dubey, Swati
56.  Research Methodology  Sharma, P. K
57.  Fundamentals of Research Methodology & Statistical Tools Premlata
58.  Research Methodology in Agricultural Economics  Sharma, Hanjabam
59.  Research Methodology Panneerselvam R
60.  Methodology & Fieldwork Srivastava, Vinay Kumar
61.  Research Methodology : A Step By Step Guide For Beginners Kumar Ranjit
62.  Research Methods, Design & Analysis Christensen, Larry B
63.  Multivariate Data Analysis Hair, Joseph F.
64.  Social Research Methods Bryman, Alan
65. How to write a thesis by Murray, Rowena
66. Project Report Writing  by Rampal, M K .
67. How to Approach BMS Projects by Murthy, Guruprasad


The Shodhganga@INFLIBNET Centre provides a platform for research students to deposit their Ph.D. theses and make it available to the entire scholarly community in open access. The repository has the ability to capture, index, store, disseminate and preserve ETDs submitted by the researchers. Online availability of electronic theses through centrally-maintained digital repositories, not only ensure easy access and archiving of Indian doctoral theses but will also help in raising the standard and quality of research. This would overcome serious problem of duplication of research and poor quality resulting from the “poor visibility” and the “unseen” factor in research output.

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Shodhgangotri hosts synopsis of research topic submitted to the universities in India by research scholars for registering themselves for the Ph.D programme. Under the initiative called ShodhGangotri, research scholars / research supervisors in universities are requested to deposit electronic version of approved synopsis submitted by research scholars to the universities for registering themselves for the Ph.D programme. The repository on one hand, would reveal the trends and directions of research being conducted in Indian universities, on the other hand it would avoid duplication of research. Synopsis in ShodhGangotri would later be mapped to full-text theses in “ShodhGanga”. As such, once the full-text thesis is submitted for a synopsis, a link to the full-text theses would be provided from ShodhGangotri to “ShodhGanga”

ShodhGangotri Indian Research in Progress repository at INFLIBNET replicates academic structure of each university in terms of Departments/ Centres and School each university has. This structure facilitates research scholars from universities to deposit their theses in the respective Department/ Centre.

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